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We offer classes in ballet, pointe, jazz, tap, hip hop, lyrical and contemporary. We accept students from ages 2-adult. "all ages. all levels. all dancers." means that we pride ourselves on having something for everyone. We are happy to welcome the recreational dancer or the dancer who wants to train more intensely. We encourage and gladly accept both! 

Class Descriptions

Classical Ballet: Class will begin with extensive barre work, and then move to center floor to work on positions of the feet, positions of the body, body placement, and pirouettes.  Some across the floor work will be done to further work on pirouettes and leaps.  Ballet is the foundation of all other forms of dance.  Taking this class is highly recommended and mandatory for those students who wish to take lyrical. Pointe students must be approved per our ballet master. Dress code: black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, hair in a bun. 


Preschool Combo: Beginner students will begin each class with floor acrobatics, including somersaults, cartwheels, and backbends.  We will spread out to center floor and work on basic ballet positions and arm placements.  Students will then learn a short jazz or faster rhythm combo and then a tap combo, with age appropriate music they can sing along to.  At this age, they are learning the very basics of what dance has to offer, but more importantly the discipline of learning to stay in line and follow instructions. Dress Code: any color leotards, tights, pink ballet shoes, and tan buckle taps. Hair is to be pulled back off of the shoulders. 


Jazz/Tap Combo: Intermediate students will also begin with a short barre warm-up, but then move to center floor to a more extensive warm-up working on improving flexibility.  “Across the floor” will be introduced at this age, where students will learn basic preparations for kicks, leaps, and turns.  A jazz combo will round out the first half of class.  Tap technique is introduced and some tap exercises will also be done across the floor. A tap combo will finish the class. Dress Code: any color leotard, sports bra & short sets, leggings, tan jazz shoes and tan slip on taps. NO oversized t-shirts or street clothes. Hair is to be pulled back off of the shoulders. 


Senior or advanced students will begin directly at center floor with roughly a 15-20 minute warm-up working on flexibility and building core strength.  Kicks, jumps, and turns will be done across the floor, also introducing combinations of all three.  A jazz and tap combination will also end this class. Dress code: leotard, sports bra & short sets, leggings, tan jazz shoes and black lace up taps. Hair is to be pulled back off of the shoulders.


Lyrical/Contemporary: Lyrical class is best described as a mix between ballet and jazz movements.  It is a slower paced more expressive style of dance.  Warm-up and across the floor are also done in this class, but extending upon the work of jazz/tap class, possibly learning different styles of turns and leaps.  Ballet is mandatory for eligibility for lyrical class. Dress code: Same as for combo. If lyrical follows ballet, then students will stay in their ballet attire. Convertible tights must be worn if following ballet and students need tan foot paws. Hair is to be pulled back off of the shoulders.


Hip Hop: Hip-hop is one of the most popular forms of dance today, because it appeals to so many types of viewers and dancers.  It is fusion of dance styles and can include jazz, jazz-funk, popping, locking, breaking, and street style dance. We do not allow students to only take hip-hop. We consider it an add on class to jazz/tap combo. Dress code: Same as for combo. Students can wear tennis shoes or jazz shoes. Hair is to be pulled back off of the shoulders.

Acro: Our acro classes consists of basic floor tumbling, including front and backwards somersaults, cartwheels, handstands, walkovers, back handsprings and tucks.  There is no use of any type of gymnastic apparatus.  This class is split into different levels by the kbdanz faculty. Dress code: Same as for combo. Students feet must be bare. Hair is to be pulled back off of the shoulders.


Students are placed into classes based on age AND ability.  Any dancer who has exceeded their age level may be moved to an older class.  All class level placements are decided solely by the kbdanz faculty. 

Tuition Scale
Registration Fee is paid yearly: $50 1 student, $85 2 students, $100 3 or more students. Every student is also required to purchase our studio leotard as part of our dress code for $25 each. 

Tuition is based on time and paid monthly via auto draft. August is half tuition, and September-May are divided into nine (9) monthly installments for 36 weeks of dance. Siblings receive a 10% discount off of their total tuition. 

45 minutes       $50
1 hour                     $60
1.5 hours              $90
2 hours                 $110
2.5 hours            $130
3 hours                $150
3.5 hours            $165
4 hours                $180
5 hours +            $200

Acro                      $60
(not included in 
multi-hour discount)
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